Instagram, launched in 2010, is a photo and video-sharing service. The app allows users to upload visuals with location information and various filters. As of today, more than 1 billion users are active on Instagram each month, spending an average of 53 minutes per day.

Nowadays people are only focusing on two things

  • Wasting more time on Instagram so that it is proven that they are socially very active which results in other people to get in touch with them frequently, leading to increase in likes
  • Checking feed of other random people as well as liking it so that those random people do the same with them.

This problem is created by us and the solution also is in our hands just the solution varies from one person to another.


How did instagram affect us?

Being an app that only allows uploading photos and videos, getting ig followers Instagram has done a lot in changing the world, good or bad.

  • It has opened up an entirely new avenue for marketing brands. A dramatic image to catch attention, bite-sized product description and a link to the website has seen inflows of followers and customers by folds.
  • Anything big or small can be made ‘trending’ by the users by simply sharing or liking the post. The most liked photo on the app is currently that of an egg, with more than 53 million likes and gain followers Instagram!
  • A new set of people known as influencers have come to social fame by using this app and are now enjoying celebrity status. Followers can have a conversation with them directly, brands use them to advertise products.
  • The major disadvantage of Instagram is an addiction, much like any other social media platform. The colorful photos of new places, foods, lifestyle, and fashion are an infallible point of no return.
  • It has created the need for fake lives, simply because of Instagram. The number of likes means going viral throughout the internet. This need to become more recognized and acceptable to the internet society is toxic, and teenagers are mostly affected by it.


As much as we inculcate Instagram and other apps in our daily lives, we have to recognize that life is not as smooth and beautiful as seen in social media. Destroying your inner peace and health is no way the path to social approvals. Instagram likes or ig followers may be less, but focusing on the present and real-life should be given priority.