Vacation Homes – Great Choice For Youth Sports Teams

You are likely to be faced with a dilemma when it comes to where to stay if your team is heading for a major tournament. Perhaps you have been to a hotel or motel before. You have probably learned that it is not the most cost-effective way to travel. Groups of teens or tweens will find it difficult to get reservations and pay high rates. The same goes for meals. Feeding teens in a hotel room can quickly drain your travel budget. You will not find many hotels that have a BBQ or a kitchen where you can make inexpensive home-cooked meals. After a long day of competition, it is hard to imagine sharing a spa or pool with strangers. Many youth sports teams choose to live in vacation homes.

Nearby Youth Sports Venues

A full range of entertainment options

Many vacation homes are just as convenient to popular sports venues today as hotels and motels. You will find many homes within easy reach of popular attractions like Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Anaheim Convention Center, water park, and Orange County’s amazing beaches. Many homes are within walking distance of public transportation, vans and shuttles that are operated by vacation destinations and sports venues.

The Design and Feel of a House

The vacation home feels like a home and not a hotel or motel. These homes are a great option for youth sports teams and groups. You will not find a better place to stay with bunk rooms for kids, double trundles and two or more bunk beds. This team accommodation allows many children to share a single bedroom. Some homes have four bedrooms that can accommodate 16 teens or children. Many of these homes also have a sofa bed in the living room that can be used to sleep up to two additional children.

Barbeques, Pools, and Spas

Children, teenagers and chaperones all need a break from the pressures of competition. Sports teams can use vacation homes to accomplish this in a way that is not possible at a motel or hotel. You can prepare burgers, hot dogs and other outdoor meals from a barbecue in your own backyard. You do not have to wait for others to clean up their barbecue. You do not have to share an outdoor space with strangers in a hotel or motel. Most vacation homes have an outdoor dining area with plenty of seating and tables. Many homes have in-ground, private, gated swimming pools as well as a hot tub or spa for your exclusive use.

Delicious, healthy and economical meals

When feeding teens or teens, hotels and motels often offer limited menu options that can prove costly. The vacation homes allow you to prepare healthy meals that will suit your group’s taste and health preferences. Fully equipped kitchens include stainless steel appliances such as a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, double oven, and double oven. Granite counters are also included. Every kitchen comes fully equipped with cookware, dishes, flatware, kitchen utensils and even paper towels.